Mike Rubbo

On the 23rd. I'm going back to Manildra  where you find the amazing Amusu cimema.

It's the 90th annivesdary of Alan Tom's (everyone called him Tomsie)  starting to show pictures in his his town. It was in  1923 that  he began screening in a community hall, then in a tent behind his garage business, finally building the theatre which is  still standing, in 1936.

One special reason to go is to interview Don Reich. Don was what he calls a bowser boy in 1940  at the Tom garage.   In those days, Tomsie was on the road as a picture show man, a projector on the back of his truck.  I've always been fqscinated by these  travelling projectionists, the Pictureshow men, and so when I heard that Don had stopped pumping petrol  in 1941 and gone on th road with Tomsie, I knew I had to inteview Don.

I can't talk to Tomsie. He  died at 93 round about 1995. Don is now 90. It's  a story which must be grabbed before it's too late. So, look forward, if you will,  to the interview with Don on this site towards the end of November.  

Don's gone a screenin and we dont know where he are. I'll call it.