What's new as 2015 starts

2014 has been a pretty good year for charming boutique like the ones we feature. Huskisson had its most profitable year to date, Jeff Visser tells us. He also reports that he's purchased the Ulladulla twin and increased the business by 20% sicne taking it over.

To everyone's great delight, we hear that the townsfolk of Sawtell are in  the process of buying the First Av. cCnema which has been closed since Dec. 2012. A consortium of 20 locals has put up 2 million to buy the building and convert it to a twin. The Orginal 300 seat cinema will become two screens of approx 140 and 35 seats each. Makes good sense,  it seems.

The Regal at Birmingham gardens, Newcastle, recently reopened after being closed for 6 years, is gong well with food for thought movies. 

As you'll see if you go to the Mount Vic Flicks page, the Cousins who bought that business are doing well, 15 moths after re opening. 

The Glenbrook cinema at the  base of the Blue Mountains, is going well though Ron Curran, is very anxious to get permission to add another screen. he has to share the council owned building with local theatre companies and so lacks continuity

We've heard that two twins are for sale, both charming venues. The Regent at Windsor and the Plaza at Laurieton . let's hope they find film buffs to purchase them.

Overseas,  we are slowly adding more cimemas. We recently added the Ken single screen in San Diego, and fron an article on that cinema which is on their page, we learn that there are still apparently 1000 single screens in the US. Amazing if true