Colac Cinemas
Phone: 03 5232 2077
Website: Colac Cinemas
Number of Screens: 2
Colac Twin Cinemas has been running since early 2000, bringing the local community together with films and events for all ages. We are proud to have provided fundraising events for many charities and local organizations. Colac Cinemas are open 7 days a week excluding Christmas Day.
Lorne Theatre
Phone: 03 5289 1272
Website: Lorne Theatre
Number of Screens: 1
Lorne's single-screen cinema.
Rex Theatre Charlton
Phone: 03 5491 2333
Number of Screens: 1
The landmark Art Deco Rex Theatre in Charlton provides cinema and live performance for rural and regional communities in the north western region of Victoria.

The Rex Theatre is fully run and operated by dedicated volunteers from the Charlton and surrounding communities of the Buloke region.
Star Theatre Chiltern
Phone: 03 57 261 358
Number of Screens: 1
The Chiltern Theatre was built in 1866, attached to the Star Hotel. It became the Star Theatre from 1902 until 1964, serving as the town's only cinema
Swanpool Theatre
Phone: 03 5768 2415
Number of Screens: 1
The history of Swanpool Memorial Hall goes back to 1950s. Swanpool Cinema was established in 1991.
The Astor Theatre
Phone: 03 9510 1414
Number of Screens: 1
The Astor Theatre is a cinema in the grand, old manner. The theatre’s proud boast is Fine Films and Atmosphere and it is now the last single screen cinema of its kind in continuous operation in Melbourne, still standing since its grand opening over 75 years ago.
Theatre Royal Castlemaine
Phone: 03 5472 1196
Number of Screens: 1
Castlemaine's Theatre Royal is the oldest continually operating theatre on the Australian mainland. Back around 1852 an early structure of rough timber and canvas was constructed to provide live entertainment for the thousands of diggers who swarmed into the district.